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“Since 2008 almost one third of the world’s viewers have left the sport”: Dr Paolo Aversa, on why F1 ban grid girls

March 25th Melbourne, Australia. The new Formula One season is around the corner, but in the last months, Formula One’s world has not been focusing all their attention on the upcoming races, but grid girls. Grid girls, who for the first time, will not work on the F1 circuit, after being replaced by kids.

“I don’t know of any other policy that is not supported by research”: Dr Beth Jones talks about the IOC’S guidelines targeting transgender female athletes

When last Monday the Brazilian MMA transgender fighter Anne Veriato (who was born a man but felt like a woman) – that is going to make her debut in man’s MMA next March 10th – said that “never crossed my mind to fight a women” because she was “too good” and “would not be fair”, everyone seemed to accept the statement as a universal truth.

European Futsal Cup: Why a final without Brazilians should be celebrated

There is no mistake in the headline. During the last two weeks – from the twelve teams that participated in this Euro Cup being played in Slovenia, almost half (five out of twelve) used Brazilian players, with Italy at the top of the list, fielding six Brazilians, followed by Azerbaijan with five, Russia (four), Kazakhstan (three), and Romania (two).